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2019 Vendors/Healers/Readers:

1. Lyn Fried (skincare/cosmetics and travel)

2. Deb Phelps (sound healing w/ crystal singing bowls)

3. IliamnaRose (jewelry)

​4. Prajkta Date (meditation, breathing, wellness, stress relief)

Shop Past Vendors:

Alix Shabazz (herbal/natural products)

Sarah Martin (automatic writing)

Wendy Jackson (angel card readings/Reiki)

Kathy Drinkman (healer/Reiki)

Penni Leigh Asplund (medium/intuitive)

Helen Valentino (jewelry)

Lisa Nelson (nature photographer)

Morena Taylor-Benell (henna artist)

Mistrova Artworx (natural/Kyphi incense)

Michelle Huczek (Reiki healer)

Sabrina Bodden (healing stone jewelry)

Kathy Eilers (singing bowls/crystal grids)

DeEtte Ranae (psychic medium)

susan Lukas (artist, author, spiritual advisor)

Tracey Brooks (emotion/body code, dousing)

Kathy Clark (oracle card reader)

Phil Nocerino (earth frequency based jewelry)

Tami Friday (EnergyBlast healing sessions)

Discover Life Chiropractic

The Hippie Homesteader (homemade soap/honey)

Jangle Soapworks (handmade soaps)

Courtney Dayne (essential oils)

Becky Merwin (angelic medical medium)

Deepti Bansal (Bohemian/Tribal/BOHO Jewelry)

ADIO Chiropractic-Eric Kurzinski D.C.

and Madison staples:

Burnie's Rock Shop (est. 1962!)

Mimosa Books and Gifts (est. 1984!)

Cosmic Delights (est. 2012!)

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SunMoon Arts presents:

A BETTER U FAIR inside the beautiful Olbrich Gardens on Saturday November 9th from 9:30am-3:30pm. 

This FREE event will showcase vendor/ practitioners of all things holistic, homeopathic, naturopathic, and healing. 

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