Non-Fiction Women's

Self-Empowerment author:

Susan L. Farrell

Historical Fiction author:

Lucy Sanna

NYC Crime Thriller & Suspense author:

Nick Chiarkas

Humorous FICTION author:

Billie Jean Diersen

MYSTERY author:

Sandra Colbert

Children's FICTION Author:

Robin Marsden


Cassandra Lynn King

Political SUSPENSE author:

Kristin A. Oakley

Contemporary YA author:

Sarah J. Carlson

Children's Author:

LaToya Watson

Inspirational author:

Rita Schunk

Science-Fiction and Fantasy Author:

Andrea L Staum

Paranormal Suspense authors:

Kat de Falla & Rachel Green

Julia C. Hoffman

ROMANCE author:

Beverly Ovalle

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Military author:

Judie Ohm

International MYSTERY and Crime Author:

Ken Farmer

NON-FICTION author specializing in unusual subcultures and movements

Tea Krulos

MYSTERY author:

Julia C Hoffman

Children's FICTION author:

Rebecca Williams Spindler

MYSTERY author:

Stephanie Dargon Luce

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2019 authors: